About YouVersity

YouVersity-Logo-(road)03YouVersity believes everyone can thrive.

YouVersity empowers people, organisations and groups to define and achieve success.  We run courses and events that help develop positive habits, free their creative expression, raise awareness of their blocks and move beyond them. We are committed to people doing what they love, loving what they do and sharing without fear.

YouVersity and its work is led poet, performer, educator and facilitator Leo Sedgley (aka the Guerrilla Poet).

After 10 working years in the creative industries and 10 years in education Leo started YouVersity in 2015 to develop and deliver creative learning anywhere and everywhere.

Leo’s commitment to finding new ways to express his own creativity led him to spend 2017 writing a poem every day for a whole year and sharing them all on facebook.

(read a selection of 2017 Guerrilla Poetry here)

Out of this commitment he experienced the benefit of trusting his own creativity and the joy of sharing freely. This led to the development of Dailydo and the birth of the Guerrilla Poet as a writer, performer, publisher and champion of poetry and storytelling.

To find out more about Dailydo programmes and the Guerrilla Poet please explore the rest of this site and contact me.

Thank you

Leo (Dailydoer & Guerrilla Poet)