YouVersity Projects

CORE (Climate Opportunity Resources Encouragement)

The CORE programme is a one year pilot programme and our first major work within a state secondary school. CORE is exploring innovative solutions to tackling the high numbers of secondary school exclusions as a result of persistent disruptive behaviour in the classroom. In 2017,We will work with six, year 8 students from the London Nautical School in Lambeth, who have all experienced multiple fixed terms exclusions, are identified by the school as displaying persistent disruptive behaviour and all live in households experiencing socio-economic deprivation. This project will provide them with regular sessions within the school environment where they can explore their own ideas and reframe their relationship with learning. We will also be working intensively with the families of these students and helping to train and support the whole school staff in developing, maintaining and deepening positive relationships with the young people they work with.

Peer Mentoring Support

These workshops provide GCSE & A level students with opportunities to develop the listening skills required to be effective peer mentors with younger students. The sessions are practical and fun, delivered by very experienced facilitators and contribute greatly to creating a culture of support and understanding with school

Body Language and Self-Confidence

Lecture or workshop style sessions for GCSE & A level students looking at the importance of body language in communication. It helps to deepen the understanding of students in how to read the body language of others and also explores how we can use our own bodies to be more effective communicators. Using practical examples such as public speaking, pitching and dating, these engaging and interactive sessions also show students how they can use their body language to decrease stress and increase confidence. The practical tips in these sessions help students to become more effective and confident in a wide range of situations and activities.

Online Tools

YouVersity is working in collaboration with tech industry experts and entrepreneurs to develop online tools that support young people to be able to better access, plan and track their online learning. We are also developing ways that schools can more value online learning that takes place outside of school and better integrate it into schools assessment frameworks.