Show me a man who’s abandoned his brother
Who calls for a war against every other
I’ll show you a man who’s in need of his mother
I show you this man who’s wrong

Show me a woman who’s demanding her right
To walk without fear on her own through the night
I’ll show you a woman who’s up for the fight
I’ll show you this woman who’s strong

Show me a country divided and pained
With some living easy while others are chained
I’ll show you a country with each sinew strained
I’ll show you this country of mine

Show me a world that spins without thought
Of the lives being lived and the wars being fought
I’ll show you a world that’s the Eden we sought
I’ll show you this world so devine

Show me a God that I can believe in
Who stays through the tears and the sadness and grieving
I’ll show you a God that will never be leaving
I’ll show you this God that is you