21.02.18 – A moment of connection

A friend directed me towards a video blog today. It was an English guy living in Colorado. He was not long out of bed, still looking a little sleepy and walking in the crisp morning sunlight.

I was sitting drinking a coffee and waiting to collect someone from a hospital appointment. The sun shone through the cafe windows, I couldn’t help overhearing the phone conversation of the person serving the lovely coffee.

The video talked of the importance of keeping on doing your thing, even when nobody seems to care and it feels difficult to carry on. At that moment I felt a natural connection with this guy I’ve never met and it felt wonderful that we live in a time where we can connect with so many people around the world.

We are a global tribe, let’s talk.


20.02.18 – Running 26 poems

My dad died from prostate cancer in May 2017. To honour him I am raising money for Prostate Cancer UK by running 26 poems in the 2018 Brighton Marathon.

For 1 day I will be both a runner and a poet, stopping every mile to perform one of my poems to the throng.  I believe I will be the first person to run 26 poems.

So please donate money to honour my dad and all people who have felt suffering and loss due to prostate cancer.

Follow this link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/leosedgley

The added bonus of donating is that you will ensuring that I will be reading poems through the crowded streets of Brighton whilst wearing lycra and looking ever-more exhausted. Now that’s got to be worth a few quid.

Love you all