My head where my feet used to be

My mum liked to move things
During the day with the house to herself
She’d change the position of a sofa
Move a sideboard from here to there
Change something just for the joy of it

More than once I came home
To find that everything in my bedroom had moved
as if by magic all on its own
Another time
Or maybe many times
A selection of bedrooms had swapped places completely

I never saw her hand move anything
And it wasn’t discussed
It just happened

My favourite was coming home from school
To find everything as it was when I left
Except that my pillow was now
where my feet used to be

On days like that
I knew when I lay in bed at night
The world would be new
and different
An adventure

The view from the other end of my bed
Was always worth the journey
These were my greatest adventures

She taught me so much
about how to find joy in the everyday
how to change the world around you
so it delights your senses
And that a new beginning
can be as simple
as having your head where your feet used to be