Guerrilla Poetry @ festivals

The sweet intoxication of words and performance


Guerrilla Poetry and Secret Stories makes for a great night in any bar, cafe or tent at your festival. The already great atmosphere is made more special by the Guerrilla Poet as your MC. He guides the audience through an evening of great performances that are just as likely to be given by the Guerrilla Poet, other seasoned performers or an audience member inspired to stand up and share their gifts.

Guerrilla Poetry & Secret Stories are lively and inclusive pop-up performance events that can happen anywhere where people get together to share and listen.

Performances happen anywhere in the space as performers find their ‘stage’ in a place that works for them and there are gaps between performances so the audience has plenty of time to drink, chat and enjoy each others company as the poetry and storytelling drifts in and out of their consciousness.

A Guerrilla Poetry event is a dynamic addition to your festival. We can take over a tent, cafe or bar for anything from two to ten hours. So let the Guerrilla Poet use his skills to bring the performer out of everybody and create an atmosphere of listening, sharing and joy.