Guerrilla Poet – Teaching & Lecturing

I have 10 years experience of working in education predominately with 14 – 19 year olds. I have worked in a range of settings, including with young people who face multiple challenges to access learning and private schools such as Bedales School where I have been invited to lecture and deliver workshops since 2016.

I have a PGCE and a transferable DBS available on request

I offer the following sessions within school and college settings.

Inspiration made easy (30-60 mins)
Fast-paced, highly interactive workshop providing easy to access tools for inspiration where every participant starts with nothing and by the end of the workshop has a story or poem to share

Lecture on modern poetry (60-90 mins)
Audio-visual lecture to help students be inspired by and able to access a range of modern poetry from a diverse selection of poets, writers and performers.

Developing as a performer (60-120 mins)
Interactive lecture and workshop providing practical activities to help students improve their confidence and capacity to read and perform in public

Poetry performance (30-60 mins)
Leo Sedgley, the Guerrilla Poet. Performing poetry and other writing

Lecture on body language (60 – 90 mins)
Audio-visual lecture to help students to understand the power of body language within communication and performance and also how they can consciously use their body language to have a positive impact on their own state of mind

Workshops on communication & listening skills (60-120 mins)
Facilitated, highly interactive workshop supporting students to develop active listening skills and improve their communication. This is especially useful within the context of peer mentoring programmes

Tutorials (1 hour/half day/whole day)
Working 1to1, with small groups or in whole class situations to support students in their  approaches to learning, creative writing, performing and how they can collaborate effectively with others

Dailydo programmes for schools and colleges
Go to the Dailydo page of this website and and explore the Dailydo programmes available and contact me to explore how Dailydo can support your students’ creativity and communication