Dailydo for individuals


This is a 7-day programme where you will experience the benefits of developing positive habits that free your creativity and help you feel more confident in sharing with others.

The Dailydo 7-day programme supports you to acknowledge and trust your own creativity and keep your own stocks of creative energy topped up. Through the daily sharing of your work with the group you move forward in your confidence as well as initiating new and deeper levels of communication with others.

Dailydo takes place over 7 consecutive days, during which you will complete a small creative activity of your choosing every day (this is called a Dailydo). You will also have 5-15 minutes of my time every day where you take a conscious period of time to be with and nurture yourself away from other people, technology and the things that stop us doing what we want to do.

Dailydo starts a positive cycle of raising your awareness of what stops you, provides a framework for expressing your creativity and supports you in sharing what you’ve done with others.

Dailydo gives you more energy, more time and more confidence.

Dailydo group sessions last for 1 hour every day for 7 days and can be attended in person or online.

Dailydo is 7 days of good habits; 7 days of support; 7 days of commitment; 7 days of creating; 7 days of change; 7 days of sharing; 7 days of doing


Dailydo Location

Dailydo group sessions take place in Lewes UK and can be attended in person or online using Zoom. We have had participants from a number of European countries and have course times to suit most places in the world.


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