Dailydo for education

There is a specific Dailydo 5-day programme for education.

The Dailydo 5-day programme for education is effective across a range of settings and  age groups.

Dailydo for education is a innovative approach to creative education workshops and provides framework for a school week within which participating students are energised and enthused. Dailydo integrates group sessions into the normal school day and works with multiple small groups of students for short sessions every day for one week.

During the Dailydo 5-day programme students will develop simple strategies for accessing their creativity and put these into practice by undertaking to produce a small creative product every day for five days. They will then share what they do with their  group during a Dailydo group session. The outcomes for your students will be increased a trust in their own creativity,  improved confidence in presenting themselves and their work to others and the development of healthy keystone habits to take into other areas of their life. These outcomes will improve the awareness and communication of your students and have a positive impact on your institution as a whole.

Dailydo is a valuable enrichment and self-development activity for all students and can be of great benefit to those who are boarding through the deepening of authentic communication and relationships that will have a positive impact on wider school life. Our approach of delivering group sessions over consecutive days over a school week creates a dynamic context for the working week. It allows for insights that students have to be instantly applied within their life at school.

Dailydo provides a safe and supportive space for students to take creative risks, experience success and overcome the fear of failing. It contributes towards happier, students, who communicate more effectively and bring their full selves to school life and their studies.

Rates: £100 per student/per week (min 10 – max 25 students )