Dailydo 5-day programme for creatives

Dailydo helps creatives stay creative

The Dailydo 5-day programme for creatives is a new approach to staff development within creative businesses. We do things differently by integrating our sessions into your normal working day. Our approach of delivering 1-hour group sessions over consecutive working days creates a dynamic context for the working week. This allows for breakthroughs that are made to be instantly applied by your staff within the work place and for the emergence of ideas and solutions that may otherwise not surface.

The Dailydo 5-day programme is designed for the creatives in your organisation, the ones who need to inspire,  innovate and invent every day. They will develop simple strategies for accessing their own creativity and put these into practice by through completing personal creative tasks every day for five days and sharing the outcomes with their Dailydo group. The outcomes for your staff will be to feel creatively replenished and access their own creative flow more easily, to experience breakthroughs in presenting themselves and their work to colleagues and in the development of healthy keystone habits. These outcomes will improve the communication, quality and productivity of your staff and have positive impact on your wider organisation.

Dailydo provides a safe and supportive space for employees to take creative risks, experience success and overcome the fear of failing. It contributes towards happier, more productive employees, who communicate more effectively, bring their full selves to work and help your organisation to succeed.

Rate: £1500

Based on 5 people @ 1 hour p/d for 5 days