Dailydo 1-day programme for breakthroughs

The Dailydo 1-day programme for breakthroughs is specifically designed to create an intensive and intentional climate within which project breakthroughs and team development will occur.

This is a tightly facilitated and focused 6-hour process for breaking through blocks and problems within teams and as a method of finding fresh approaches to specific challenges with a product or service your organisation provides.

The Dailydo 1-day programme is also an effective way to build healthy foundations for new teams, product development and service launch.

In addition to solving specific issues, the Dailydo 1-day programme provides all of the positive outcomes of the 5-day programme

  • transformations in presenting and sharing
  • improve confidence in generating and presenting creative ideas
  • develop healthy keystone habits
  • help your employees to bring their full selves to work.
  • address fear of failure
  • increase energy and productivity
  • improve communication
  • improve your bottom line
  • happier people and working climate

Dailydo 1-day programme rate: £1500 p/d

Based on a team size of 4 to 8 people