About YouVersity

YouVersity was founded in 2015 by Leo Sedgley. It is committed to helping create an education system where nurturing self-awareness and empowering young people is at the top of the agenda.

YouVersity works with the wider community around young people, including families, school staff and peer groups. The purpose of this is to improve the learning climate that surrounds them, decrease instances of negative actions and increase the chances of successful learning.

The YouVersity model is to design and develop whole climate approaches to specific challenges within the education system We deliver the pilot programme and then train and support the local staff and community to take the programme forward in a sustainable way.


Young people are struggling

Increased mental health issues, increased pressure, increased distractions, increased debt, increased stress levels. Young people are trying to navigate their way through an education system that often feels uninspiring and irrelevant.

And yet, children are born experts in learning, absorbing the world around them. Young people want to learn. They want happy, successful lives.

YouVersity works with young people in settings and situations that work best for them. We work in schools, in the home and within the community in order to build, maintain and develop positive relationships with young people to help them improve their approach to learning and successfully move forward with their life. YouVersity puts young people genuinely at the centre of their learning.

Families are struggling

Pressures of modern life, financial uncertainty, poverty, lack of community, lack of support.

And yet every parent or carer wants their children to be happy, to live a fulfilled life and to succeed

The communities within which young people live have a profound impact on their attitudes to learning, their success and the role that learning plays in their lives. That is why we design and deliver programmes that support parenting and family dynamics though individual and group session, workshops and family support groups.

Teachers & staff are struggling

Challenging behaviour, long hours, pressure to succeed, top down targets, low pay for many and a lack of support.

And yet, they are committed to helping young people every day and trying to prepare them for life in a changing world

YouVersity offers training, support and CPD to professionals working with young people. We focus on improving education professionals abilities to develop, maintain and deepen positive relationships with the young people they work with.