A deeply important moment in the lives of person one and person two

Open it
Go on open it

Open what?

That thing
That thing there that is closed
That thing right there on your lap
The thing that landed in your lap
Open it

What thing?
You mean this thing?
This thing that landed right in my lap?
I’ll be honest
I’d forgotten it was there

How could you have forgotten it was there?
That thing that landed in your lap
That beautiful precious thing that landed in your lap
It is unlike any other thing
It was given to no one else
It was meant only for you
For you alone
It was mine to give
And I gave it to you

I’ll open it
If only you will do one thing for me


Will you open that thing?
That thing that landed in your lap
That thing you had forgotten was there

I’d forgotten you had one too
That thing that was yours to give
And you gave to me
Me alone
And no one else

Person one and person two
Both looked at the things that had landed in their laps
Then looked at each other
And both remembered being given their thing
And how lucky they felt
How special

And then
In a moment so beautiful
You might have thought it was written that way

They opened their things together