15.02.18 – Practice self love

I practice self love and affirmations through a daily practice of spending time with myself in the mirror, (see previous post The man in the mirror 10.02.18). I highly recommend it. The following words emerged from my mirror work, feel free to use them yourself .

Love letter

I am with you from before the beginning
I am with you until after the end
I am your most trusted ally
I am your most loyal friend

I’ve been with you when you’re at your lowest
I’ve jumped as you reached for the stars
I’ve felt all your joy and excitement
I’ve seen where you hide all your scars

I’ll be here no matter what happens
I’ll stay when all others have gone
I’ll be kind if only you’ll let me
I’ll show you that I am the one

I say to the world I forgive you
I proudly declare I respect you
I know deep inside that I trust you
I look in your eyes and accept you

There’s no way around it I love you
And the truth is I know you love me
When I look in the mirror and see you
I can see that it’s me that you see

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