14.02.18 – Picture memories

I was recently reading Brene Brown’s fabulous book Daring Greatly and was reminded of something I used to do as a child. In the book Brown recounts a story of being with her then six year old daughter, who, during a sunny afternoon together in a park, stayed completely still, eyes closed and smiling to herself for over a minute. When questioned about this by her concerned mother she replied,

“I’m fine mama, I’m just making a picture memory” she continued “a picture memory is a picture I take in my mind when I’m really, really happy. I close my eyes and take a picture, so when I’m feeling sad, or scared, or lonely, I can look at my picture memories”

I had forgotten that I used to do this too, although I would leave my eyes open a tiny amount and peer through the narrow gap between my eyelids.  I can even now recall a handful of special, often small, moments of joy from my childhood and this is only because I took a  picture memory.

Remembering this has been great, so tomorrow I’m going to get my memory camera out again again and see what new picture memories I can make and  I invite you to do the same. So try making a new picture memory every day, it’s a great way of giving regular gratitude for the life you live and the everyday joy that surrounds us and it’s fun.


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