11.02.18 – The long run

I’m training to run the Brighton Marathon in April.

Today I’m going to do the first long run of my schedule (14 miles). I’ll admit to being a little nervous, it’s the longest run I’ve done for a few years and a large part of me would rather stay at home watching the Winter Olympics on TV (I don’t know about you but I’m caught in my quadrennial fascination with ice skating, slopestyle and other chilly sports).

The thing that will get me out on my run today is thinking all it takes to run a marathon is about 52,000 steps. That’s it! I’ve just got to put one foot in front of the other 52,000(ish) times and I’ll cross the finish line. To be ready for that I figure I should run about two hundred or so miles before the big day. This means all I’ve got to do is take about 400,000 steps and I’m good.

Goals are very important (completing a marathon is a very worthy goal) , but it is easy for us to look too closely at the completion of the goal as the most important moment and forget to give thanks for the many moments that help us reach it.

When I take the final step over the finishing line on Brighton seafront will be a very satisfying moment, but it will just be latest in a long line of steps that got me to that there. My intention in this process is to take each step on this journey with gratitude for playing its part in getting me over the line.

So if you see a middle aged man, running down the street saying “Thank you” each time he strides forwards…..now you know why.





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