08.02.18 – A birthday practice

There are moments in our life when we really do have to perform; pull it out of the bag; deliver; come up with the goods; hit the nail on the head…you get the picture.

At times like this it doesn’t matter how we are feeling, what is most important is that we do what needs to be done. Of course it’s great if we are naturally enlivened by the task at hand, but if are not we must “keep calm and carry on”, “lower our standards ad carry on”, “fake it until you become it” (delete as applicable).

Today is my birthday. I like birthdays, I value celebration and I am not overly upset about getting older. However, I often find that on my birthday I wake up feeling flat, somehow unable to embrace the joy of the day and that I am frustratingly reluctant to accept the love and well wishes that comes my way.

Having now acknowledged that to myself and the world (phew), I thought I’d see what I can do to learn from this curious situation. So I have chosen to use today, my birthday, as a time to practice how I can do great things even when I’m struggling to be in the right mental or emotional space for the task at hand. Today I will say yes to the love, the acknowledgement, the celebration of me. Today I will say to myself that I am enjoying the attention, that my mistakes and failures are just an aspect of being human and that I deserve to have a great day.

This feels like a powerful practice as it is the conscious acceptance of myself by myself. I am affirming that I am enough and I am worthy of good things. The ripples that emanate from this acceptance and affirmation will spread outward beyond my birthday and help me the next time I have to move beyond what is easy or comfortable. The intention is that they will become mighty waves upon which I can surf and feel the thrill of living a life of challenge and adventure.

Sounds fun, think I’ll do it every year.


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