07.02.18 – Connection for creatives

I know it’s only been a few days since I wrote about how important it is for me to connect every day with other people. It stops me withdrawing and keeps me energised and outward looking.

Connection is also a key tool for supporting creatives to succeed in their endeavours. Connecting with other human beings and sharing themselves and their work is a very productive route for supporting creatives in their careers and projects.

Whilst creatives might appreciate and benefit from a coach supporting them to navigate out of a creative block, they are happier still without a map. They would rather find there way through discovery, through an emotional process rather than an intellectual one. Connecting with others through peer sharing is like using the stars to navigate home as you orient yourself in relation to celestial bodies. The romance of things not always being easy helps keep creatives engaged in the process and for a creative being engaged is key to their success.




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