31.01.18 – The possibility of passers-by

Here’s another quiet and powerful game for you to play.

As you are going about your business in the world, give the people who pass you by a moment of your silent attention. Use this time to attribute them with any human quality or story that creates empathy and generates love from you to them.

For example, on a busy street allow your eyes to linger on a face for just long enough to think “He really cares for his family”, then move to another face and think “She has found joy after a challenging few months”, then another “She is a really great friend”, and another “He is open to miracles today”.

Of course you don’t know if any of this is true, but that doesn’t matter, the point of this game is to raise awareness that you are surrounded by human beings all the time and they’re just like you.

By the way, this game is great for making traffic jams much less frustrating and even fun.


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