25.01.18 – The thoughts that pop up to stop us

Here are just some of the thoughts that try to stop me writing
I don’t know what to do
Nobody cares
It doesn’t make a difference
I’m too tired

I’m not good enough
I’ve left it too late
I’ve got nothing to say
It won’t matter
Who am I to think that I can
Too fat
Too old
Too skinny
Too bald
Too this
Too that
It won’t work
I’ll get it wrong
It’s too scary
You’re too scary
I’ve given up
I won’t bother
It’s not good enough
It’s never good enough
I thank these thoughts
It is these (and variations on the theme) that keep me writing
Because I know if I stop I’ll start to believe them
And then who will reveal the poems already written
But yet to find a voice

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