24.01.18 – Feel ready enough

We’ve all said “but it’s not quite ready” or “I’m not quite ready”

Now of course, this may sometimes be a completely appropriate attitude to a specific situation. It doesn’t work to submit a doctoral thesis when you only have pages of notes and ideas, similarly, you probably shouldn’t walk into a job interview half dressed.

Here I’m talking about the times when we don’t take that step forward (often outside of our comfort zone), when we don’t share ourselves and what we do because we fear that the work’s not ready. We fear that we’re not ready, that we’ll be judged harshly and we won’t get the outcomes we want. Listening to these fears, stops us doing, sharing and growing.

I’ve experienced this recently with the youversity.org website. Just the other day I was asked to send details of my Dailydo 5-day programme for creatives to some large media companies for them to assess its suitability for their creative staff. Before I go further you should know, these companies are on my list of the perfect clients that I want to work with.

However, as I went to send the email with the link to the relevant pages on youversity.org, I hesitated and my finger hovered over the send button for longer than usual. Questions raced through my mind, “Was the site professional enough? Does it explain Dailydo clearly? Is easy to use? Will it make them want to pay me to run Dailydo programmes for their creative staff? Will this be my only chance to impress them?” You get the idea.

Well I went back into the website, reworded a few things, spotted some obvious improvements, until I was faced with the send button again. It was then that I realised that sharing myself and my work is not a task that will ever be finished and perfect. It will always only be a snapshot of that moment and it will always be the best I can do. Also, there is always likely to be better snapshots further down the line.

So my job in that moment was to make sure that I feel ready enough.

So I said some positive affirmations to the email, declared I was ready enough and hit send.

I’ll keep you posted on how it works out.



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