20.01.18 – When is a deadline not a deadline

I’ve always responded well to deadlines. I like having a target to aim for and finish line to cross. I’ve often used this as a justification for my persona theory that I will get better as I get older and closer to the ultimate final deadline we all must face.

That got me thinking that in the project of living, there is actually only real deadline.


Before you stop reading because this is too depressing, consider this. If all those high-pressure deadlines that cause you tension and sleeepless nights are not actually deadlines at all…Then what are they?

I’ll tell you…They are lifelines.

I think that words are important, so next time you’re feeling stressed about a looming deadline, call it lifeline instead (even if only to yourself). It won’t give you any less work to do, it won’t make your clients/bosses demand any less crazy, it won’t give you more time to do it.

But it might just give you a lighter feeling when you think about it, talk about it and actually do it.

So keep smiling, stay light, approach with joy and throw yourself a lifeline.



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