18.01.18 – No script required

There is an endless flow of creativity
This is something you may have heard before, but the difference right now, is that I have actual proof. The evidence is all around us, it is something we experience most of the days of our life and it is almost everywhere we go.

How many conversations have you had today? In the last week? Month? Year? How many conversations have you had in your entire life? And of these almost countless conversations, how many of them were scripted?
I’m guessing very few and if they were, they were in very particular situations, like a play, or slowly losing your soul working in a call centre.
We don’t need a script to talk to another human being because we are endlessly creative and without even having to think about it (assuming we are both reasonably fluent in the same language) we can dance in the conversation with another human being and let our imaginations fly.
Yes of course sometimes we are stuck for words, uncommunicative, withdrawn, gobsmacked, speechless etc, but most of the time, we just talk and create the magic of communication.
So next time you are having an ordinary, everyday conversation, take a moment to pull your awareness back just a little and marvel at the creativity of you and those with whom you talk. Then consider the billions around the world talking without a script and the endless flow of creativity within which we all swim.
Quietly give thanks, then dive back in.


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