16.01.18 – I’ve got a job for you today

I don’t know what you have planned for today. I don’t know if you’re busy or have very little to do, whether what you’re doing is engaging or boring, if it’s critical or seemingly insignificant.

Whatever it is, whatever you are doing, I’ve got a job for you today…To make sure that whatever you are doing turns out exactly the way it turns out.

No amount of hard work, dedication, laziness or lethargy will change the fact that by end of your working day, the things you have done will be just the way they are.

So for today (and who knows maybe beyond) be aware of what your day’s work has achieved and accept that this is what’s happened. Being a witness to your unfolding work means you can more easily notice and appreciate each step on the journey. This is a welcome contrast to the familiar feeling of striving to complete something, feeling pressure to achieve and often experiencing a deficit in satisfaction once the work is ‘finished’.

Stop relating to your work as never-quite-there. Instead be aware of exactly where your work is today, ready for you move it to precisely where it will be this time tomorrow.


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