08.01.18 – 3 steps to sustain life

It’s just over a week since I came to the end of writing and sharing a poem every day for a whole year. I admit that as I was a little nervous leading up to the last poem, I asked myself… What would I do? Would I keep writing? Would I keep sharing? Could I get my writing published?

All of these questions relate to how would I take the seed that a year of writing and sharing had planted within me and nurture it into something that would grow.

Well eight days into the new year I have some thoughts and in the knowledge that I may be overstretching the metaphor, I have realised three things. I need to create the right climate for growth, I must tend my soil and I’ve got to plant a lot more seeds.

Step 1. Planting more seeds is the easy part, it just means consistently doing the work that I love. So every day I write creatively and I develop and refine the Dailydo programmes. I do this to create content.

Step 2. To tend the soil so that my seeds may thrive, I must share my work with others. So I post my writing online, I contact agents and publishers, I reach out to businesses and organisations, I work with business coaches, I perform and I explore funding and investment opportunities. I do this to overcome fear.

Step 3. Creating the right climate for growth is the part over which I/we have the least control, but do not think that either of us is helpless in this area. To influence this we must create a climate where people have a listening for ourselves and our work that resonates with what we love and what we want to achieve in the world.  The way to do this is to repeat steps 1 & 2 with as much authenticity and integrity as we can over and over again. I do this to grow.

Yes sometimes it will feel as though the odds are stacked too high against us. Yes sometimes it will appear that nobody is listening, so why bother to carry on. Yes we will be low on resources, low on energy, make mistakes and what to crawl into a corner and hide sometimes.

When these times come, and they will, our job is to ask the question…What do I love?

Then do what you love (step 1. plant a seed), share what you love (step 2. tend your soil) and do it again and again (step 3. create the right climate for growth) and with a little luck your seeds to grow.

But the best part is this. Even if the climate doesn’t change enough to sustain the growth you want. If you follow steps 1,2 & 3 then you are doing the things you love and sharing them with the world…and no matter how hard things feel sometimes, that is how you sustain life.


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