05.01.18 – youversity.org is me

How to authentically represent oneself and one’s work through a website is a challenge.

youversity.org has been around for a little over a year and I have periodically toiled at it and ignored it. For about 9 months it sat dormant, overly full of content I was losing a connection to and that no longer represented my professional and creative direction. In retrospect, it is good that nobody was visiting the site.

This current iteration of youversity.org is, however, wholly different. Over the past year I have been writing and sharing a poem every day, performing as the Guerrilla Poet and developing the Dailydo programmes. Namely I have been doing the work, creating the content and living the life. This website is simply a means of sharing with you the work I want to do in the world and exploring how to reach the people who will benefit from working with me.

It’s not always easy being a human being, so it’s hardly surprising that creating a digital representation of oneself and one’s work is, at times, frustrating. However, it is wonderful to be able to say that, at last, youversity.org is me.

Leo Sedgley

Dailydoer. Guerrilla Poet. Writer. Performer. Developer. Leader. Facilitator. Educator


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