Dr Blog – 01: Mind explosions

So I have completed the first two days of my EdD and it has been a truly thrilling experience. My mind has experience a number of beautiful explosions and I am excitedly anticipating many more over the next 6 years.

The biggest explosion so far was courtesy of Dr Tim Rudd and his lecture on Neoliberalism. At the start of the session I admitted that whilst I knew of the term, I was ignorant of any details, indeed I felt somewhat like a fish who happily swims around, unaware that it is in  fishbowl. As the lecture continued, I realised that this analogy was more apt than I first realised.

I had to confront the notion that Neoliberalism has risen, expanded and engulfed everything in its path, taking the principals of economic markets and applying them to many, if not every, aspect of life. This caused my mind to start racing and speedily re-contextualise my assumptions (specifically in relation to education, learning and the direction of YouVersity) and begin to see that they had all arisen within the neoliberal fishbowl.

I readily acknowledge that I am at the beginning of a long research journey (my EdD learningmapp will appear here very soon), but I have had my first glimpse into what I didn’t know that I didn’t know……….and I love it.

My first assignment (due Feb 2017) is a 5000 word literature review. My first potential title is:

Can the fish live outside of the bowl?

Alternative visions: Placing non-mainstream approaches to learning within the neoliberal construct


I have just begun to explore the literature around this and I am sometimes actually trembling with excitement. If it wasn’t so great, it would be odd.

Watch out for many more blogs over the next 6 years……and beyond as I become Dr Leo

Keep on learning!

You & YouVersity DID IT!

Big thanks to everybody who contributed money, positive thoughts and good wishes to our recent crowdfunding campaign.

Just like an exciting Hollywood ending, this really went down to the wire. We reached our £5000 target with 50 minutes to spare.

So we’re off! The doctoral programme is already blowing my mind and I’m working on the designs of our programmes for schools, widening my network of associates and potential partners and getting the YouVersity message out to education professionals.

I will be adding regular blog updates, articles, links and other interesting and useful information here.

So please keep checking in

Love and goodness



YouVersity Crowdfunding campaign

YouVersity is running its first crowdfunding campaign

We are asking for £5,000. Half of which will go to support the initial phase of my Doctor of Education (EdD) programme and begin to provide the academic foundations upon which YouVersity will be built. The other half will contribute to the start up costs of the company and help with our marketing and online presence so that we can share our passion and ideas with the organisations and individuals who can support our growth, widen our influence and deepen our impact.  

Please watch the video below and visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/youversity/  to donate to YouVersity.

Help us make significant positive change to learning within the UK.