My daily practice – please scroll down

Every day I post a new blog entry, it’s my current Dailydo. In 2017 I wrote a poem every day and once I stopped I wanted something to take its place and here it is.

Every day I’ll post an idea, a story, a poem, an article, some information, anything really. Sometimes they may be dull, sometimes they will be good and if I write enough of them, sometimes that will be exceptional.

So scroll down and see what’s appeared today and then check out what’s gone before.


14.02.18 – Picture memories

I was recently reading Brene Brown’s fabulous book Daring Greatly and was reminded of something I used to do as a child. In the book Brown recounts a story of being with her then six year old daughter, who, during a sunny afternoon together in a park, stayed completely still, eyes closed and smiling to herself for over a minute. When questioned about this by her concerned mother she replied, Continue reading “14.02.18 – Picture memories”

11.02.18 – The long run

I’m training to run the Brighton Marathon in April.

Today I’m going to do the first long run of my schedule (14 miles). I’ll admit to being a little nervous, it’s the longest run I’ve done for a few years and a large part of me would rather stay at home watching the Winter Olympics on TV (I don’t know about you but I’m caught in my quadrennial fascination with ice skating, slopestyle and other chilly sports). Continue reading “11.02.18 – The long run”