06.02.18 – Be kind to yourself

I’ve had a few days off writing my blog everyday (so much for setting records), but even though I would liked to have continued to blog on consecutive days, the main thing for me to do now is to be kind to myself.

In my reality keeping my word is important, however, how we deal with the inevitable reality of sometimes not doing what we said we would do, is of even greater importance.

I am a human being, I will make mistakes, I will acknowledge them, I will be kind to myself when I reveal my imperfections.

Like I say to my kids. It’s not about never making a mess, it’s about how you clean your mess up once you’ve made it.


01.03.18 – Follow your own advice Leo

As with many of these blogs, the following thoughts are intended as guidance for myself, but writing them down and sharing them here is, I hope, of use to others. However, please do not be under the illusion that I have the strength and wisdom to follow my own good advice at all times.

I write down these things so that I may remember, in the more challenging moments, that I do know what to do and it is possible to be a great version of myself with all my flaws and imperfections.

With that in mind, here is a very wonderful statement for a couple to say to each other in the morning before anything other words or thoughts spill out.

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you


28.02.18 – Thank you miracles

I am becoming a person who lives life expecting miracles to happen for them.

This doesn’t mean that I have suddenly landed my dream contract, won a million pounds or that everything has begun to flow perfectly on my life. It is more that I am acknowledging the miracles that surround me with a more regular spirit of gratitude.

So today I encourage us all to find a miracle and give thanks.



27.02.18 – Share your shadows

Human beings have shadows.

They live within us all, the dark shapes of our worst selves, our mean, selfish, bullying selves.

Whilst we may want to keep our shadows hidden away deep inside us, that is not the way. Suppression without acknowledgement causes a raging resentment on the part of the shadow and an angry shadow can be a destructive force in ones life.

So my suggestion is to find ways to acknowledge, accept and share your shadows with people you trust. For the simple act of giving voice to your darkest thoughts and fears in a safe, non-judgemental environment, is a powerful liberator.

So join a regular group, set up regular listening partnerships or meet your friends in an environment that is not fueled by substances that alter your perception. Stop having the same old conversations and find ways to say something new. Find a framework within which you can support others and be supported. A place where you can be your whole self, accept the whole you and live a whole lot better life.

25.02.18 – Go find my audience

As I have previously written, in April I will be running the Brighton Marathon and reading a poem to the crowd at every mile marker.

I was talking with someone today about the origins of the idea of running 26 poems and I realised that it is part of a continuum. This is the latest in a line of creative ventures where I have taken my work out into the world and placed it within the day-to-day experience of my ‘audience’.

So I’m making a note-to-self. In all aspects of my life, don’t sit around waiting for my audience/collaborators/clients etc to find me, go out and find them. Place myself into their world, do my thing and remind them of the how joyous it can all be.

Feel free to do this too